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1. STOCKZERO is not responsible for and is not involved in any transactions between members.

2. When you post your product, you need 100,000 points to post.

3. It will be posted for 300 days and will automatically end after 300 days.

4. You can receive product inquiries by email directly from both members and non-members.

5. Market prices are arbitrarily raised by companies using this platform, so customers should use them for reference only.

1. When you post your product, you need 100,000 points to post. 

2. You must enter the correct email address to receive the inquiry in order for the email to be delivered.

3. Points will not be returned even if you delete it after registration. To prevent accidental deletion, deletion is prohibited.

4. For clarity of transactions, once a product has been uploaded, it cannot be modified, so please upload carefully.

Customers are especially confused when prices change frequently.

5. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact us directly on the following bulletin board or through mail on the right.

1. 1,000 points = 1 USD

2. You can earn points through various activities or make purchases through paypal.

3. When you sign up for membership, you will receive 1,000 points.

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