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1. Please contact us regarding the items you would like to purchase in Korea.

2. If you register as a member, you can use the members-only bulletin board more conveniently and safely.

3. We do not act as agents for illegal products, so please do not consult with us.

4. You can go to the women's clothing sample room to make your selection or inquire about the product you need. 

1There is a $50 fee per company (company contact information provided).

2. If purchased from a Korean online shopping mall, Wholesaler, Factory and shipped via EMS, the prices are as follows.

1) Basic $3 + 10% of the purchase price + 10% PayPal payment fee of the purchase price + EMS cost

2) If you send money, you do not need to pay the 10% PayPal fee.

* USD : KRW = 1 : 1,200

3. If you purchase from a designated company and export it, you must pay 20% of the purchase price as a commission. (Including sea freight and export-related fees)

If the sea freight cost is more than the average cost, you will have to pay extra.


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