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Korea Trip Planner

1. A trip planner is a travel expert residing in the relevant region or country.

2. To consult with a trip planner, you must pay the viewing points set by the planner.

3. Those who have viewed it can make inquiries as many as the number of responses specified by the planner within 7 days.

4. As a platform operator, STOCKZERO does not intervene in or take responsibility for any disputes between members and planners.

1. Please post your resume on the planner application bulletin board and introduce yourself in detail.

2. We will verify it after going through several verification processes. After authentication, you can register your product.

3. When another member views your profile, you can earn 70% of the viewing points you have set.

4. You can upload up to 5 products per month for consulting.

1. Members and planners are requested not to inquire about each other's sensitive personal information.

2. Planners should not answer questions unrelated to the travel product and should report it.

3. Comments cannot be edited or deleted once a member who has viewed them begins to ask a question.

4. For products for which consulting has been discontinued, please be sure to contact the administrator and take action to prevent them from being viewed.

5. Planners are requested to respond to inquiries within 2 hours. If there is a delay, please ask for the customer's understanding.

If you violate this rule, all points you have will be withdrawn and your use of the site will be suspended.