I am responsible for your safe travel to Korea.

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1. As a platform operator, Stockzero is not responsible for and does not participate in any transactions between members.

2. If you are looking for a travel guide, please choose someone with a guide license. 

3. For your safety, please conduct all communication through comments and do not request or provide personal information before the schedule is confirmed.

4. All comments are registered as private posts and cannot be deleted or modified.

1. 500 points are required to register as an interpreter. We are currently giving you 1,000 points when you sign up.

2. You can only register one profile.

3. Interpreters who do not wish to expose their photos to the outside world should upload a different photo to the first photo.

4. For members who pay points and view the information, the interpreter must upload a photo of himself/herself.

5. The way to give customers trust is to verify their identity. If you apply to STOCKZERO (500 points), we will indicate that your identity has been verified after verification of your identity.

6. The interpreter can set the number of points required for other members to view the interpreter's profile between 500 and 3,000 points.

7. When another member views the interpreter's profile, the interpreter can earn 30% of the points you have set.

I am responsible for your safe travel to Korea.

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DearI work at Gangyong Travel Agency.If you come to Korea, I will do my best to ensure a safe trip.Both general and business interpretation are available.If you wish to do business with Korea or shop …

  • Current residence : Only members can view.
  • Current job : Only members can view.
  • Education : Only members can view.
  • Nationality : Only members can view.    Gender : Male

  • * Please log in to view items that only members can view. Members can pay points and view the content to communicate with the interpreter through comments.
  • * Due to the interpreter's choice, portraits may not appear on this screen. If you view, there are portraits.
  • * For the safety of the interpreter, all contact information and names will not be displayed, so please discuss in the comments.
  • * When chatting, please do not ask for sensitive personal information (bank account number/contact information/home address/SNS address/etc.) or engage in sexual conversations. If such behavior is discovered, all points held will be withdrawn and use of the site will be permanently restricted.
  • * If the interpreter agrees, you may inquire about their email address and KakaoTalk address to facilitate smooth conversation locally.
  • Documents confirmed by STOCKZERO :
  • We are checking various documents, including ID. Only members can view.

  • * STOCKZERO verifies submitted documents for the safety of travelers and to help you make your choice, but does not guarantee the identity of the interpreter.
  • * If you need a professional travel guide, we recommend using a nationally certified guide.
  • Try becoming an interpreter :
  • * What you need is not language skills, but courage and sincerity.
  • * Customers all over the world will love you.
  • * Challenge yourself right now to a great job where you can make friends from all over the world and earn money.
  • * STOCKZERO will be your reliable partner.
  • Current activity : Active
  • Most recent login : Only members can view.
  • Recent profile updates : Only members can view.

  • * Since active or inactive status is updated by the interpreter, it may not be reflected in real time. Please refer to the most recent login and update date for viewing.
  • * The interpreter's most recent login records the time of the first login during the day. Compare the login time with the current time and if it is within 48 hours, it will be displayed as active. There may be errors in automatic display due to server errors, but the most recent login time is accurate, so please refer to it.
  • * We recommend that you do not view profiles that have not been logged in for more than a week (7 days), even if they are marked as active.
  • * View points are system usage fees, so they are paid regardless of whether the interpretation is successful or not.

  • This month :
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    Consultation required

  • Next month :
  • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
    17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
    Consultation required

  • * Interpreters using STOCKZERO payment cannot send a alternative interpreter.
  • * Collaborative interpreters may be used with the customer’s consent.
  • * We cannot intervene in changing interpreters between two parties who choose to pay the interpreter directly, but we ask customers to be cautious of unidentified interpreters.
  • * If you provide us with information about the person who recommended an alternative interpreter, we will add it to our NO-SHOW list and refer others to it.
  • * If a customer who has paid through STOCKZERO needs to change the interpreter at the request of the interpreter, STOCKZERO will urgently contact the person who can replace them to confirm the schedule and inform them of their profile.
  • * If the interpreter is not confident in confirming the schedule, please do not check the interpreting availability date and select “Consultation required.”
  • Available area : Negotiable
  • Type : Only members can view.
  • Experience : Only members can view.
  • Experience field : Only members can view.
  • Payment Method : STOCKZERO payment

  • * There are two ways to make payment: either the interpreter receives the payment directly or STOCKZERO receives the payment and pays the interpreter the amount minus the commission.
  • * If the interpreter chooses to receive directly, the member must pay directly to the interpreter, and STOCKZERO has no involvement in the payment and is not responsible.
  • * If the interpreter selects the STOCKZERO payment method, a cancellation fee set by the interpreter may be incurred.
  • * As a platform operator, STOCKZERO is not involved in and is not responsible for any transactions between members and interpreters.
  • * If a dispute arises between a member using STOCKZERO payment and an interpreter, please request arbitration from StockZero. We will do our best to resolve the matter amicably.
  • Interpreter Requirements :
  • Customer gender : Only members can view.
  • Number of customers : Only members can view.
  • Overtime interpretation : Only members can view.
  • Long distance interpretation : Only members can view.
  • Special request : Only members can view.

  • * The interpreter has the right to refuse to interpret for you after consultation. Please carefully review the interpreter requirements and consult with the interpreter.
  • * During consultation, interpreters are requested not to ask for sensitive customer personal information (bank account number/contact information/home address/SNS address/etc.) or engage in sexual conversations. If such behavior is discovered, all points held will be withdrawn and use of the site will be permanently restricted.
  • * If the customer agrees, you can inquire about their email address and the messenger they use to facilitate smooth communication locally.
  • * For the interpreter's own safety and to prevent no-shows, the interpreter may request customer identification (copy of passport/copy of business card/airplane ticket, etc.). Customers are encouraged to make their own decisions.
  • * STOCKZERO allows interpreters to check the customer’s history of no-shows.
  • * We recommend that both customers and interpreters do not cancel reservations.
  • When viewing, 500 point are required as a system usage fee.
  • Once you have viewed a profile, you can continue to view it for free for 30 days.
  • Only logged in members can view.

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