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 If you can speak English well, please become a E-PINK


  1. PINK can sell their knowledge( information, photo and contents)  in STOCKZERO and make a stock point (SP)  --> PINK BOARD
  2. PINK can buy and sell points on a dedicated point exchange.
  3.  PINK can advertise with a 50% discount.
  4. When Pink opens her information (I'm a pink), she can sell advertisements within a discounted range. --> will open sell board
  5. Pink can join PINKQ and can get point, if adopted
  6. Pink can get 10 points per post if you post a picture on Pink Life.(Pink can post up to 50 posts per week.)
  7. If you become pink and express your foreign language skills, you will have more chances to get a job in a good company later.

<Who can be pink?>

  1. Those who have passed the designated English test or try to test. : IELTS, TOEIC and others.
  2. A person with a certain identity.
  3. Someone who deserves to be Pink by STOCKZERO.
  4. You must disclose your photo and some information about yourself on the PINK-T.
  5. You must post 40 or more in two weeks. and articles in English on PINK LIFE.
  6. A part-timer at Stock Zero can be Pink right away.


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