What is HOPAL?


They are hotel friend to connect with stockzero, hotel and customer.

The new world awaits your emotions. Future societies warn that robots, artificial intelligence and virtual reality dominate the world. Certain groups or individuals monopolize information and many people are unemployed in the paradigm of the revolution in the workplace.

The idea of ​​stockzero is different. The ability that can not be replaced by the human God is the ability to convey emotion. We hope that you will be warmly welcomed to those who are tired of long journeys with warmth of your warm feeling or who are making uneasy trips to new areas.

We would like to welcome you to our hopal. We are all partners who provide our customers with the best and warmest emotional service.

Please challenge to HOPAL . You can get freedom and new world friend.

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    New Thinking

    I 'm a hopal in the new world.

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    Hotel is our new home.

    Introduce hotel that you like and get five like.

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    HOPAL is new free job.

    We remember you forever as a hopal.

HOPAL is a New Thinking

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    New service to customer with hopal.

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    Hopal is a my safe and warm hotel friend.

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    New Job - Freedom & Friend

HOPAL - Event & Apply

  • 1. Upload hotel review

    1. Get five likes
    2. Give YSL lipstick ( 20 persons)
    3. Free deliver to Korea & Vietnam

  • 2. Apply

    1. Examine documents
    2. Check current address
    3. Check language skill

  • 3. Contact Hotel

    1. Hopal directly contact with hotel.
    2. Stockzero contract with hotel.
    3. Stockzero contaract with hopal

  • 4. New free job

    1. Get 30% commission of booking commission
    2. Get duty to service



  • Confirm Booking

    Hopal will confirm your booking.

  • Help Center

    If you have some problem with hotel, hopal will help you by phone.

  • 03


    Hopal will upload valuable information near hotel

  • 04

    Agency Booking (5,000 stock)

    Are you busy? Please use hopal agency booking service, only 5,000 stock.

How to use Hopal service?

Customer don't need any extra charge. If you use agency booking service, you need to pay 5,000 stock.


  • 1. You choice a local hopal and book hotel that hopal recommend.
  • .
  • 2. You pay to stockzero for hotel fee. Hopal will confirm your booking.
  • 3. If you have no more time to find hotel, you can use agency booking service by 5,000 stock.