Bitgguri (빛꾸리)

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Bitgguri (빛꾸리)

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This cafe is located in a small alley near Cheonmachong Tomb (Daereungwon Ancient Tombs), in a renovated old hanok and yard. This place's seating is on the floor, so the traditional atmosphere comes alive. Bitgguri’s signature menu items are grilled saekdong injeolmi (bean-powder-coated rice cake) and tangerine ginger tea. Dig into the colorful rice cakes, grilled and coated with powdered soybeans, and traditional tea to fully enjoy the classic charms of Gyeongju. The rice cake is enjoyed together with a malt syrup called jocheong, a traditional substitute for honey. Tangerine ginger tea is a traditional tea made with tangerine and ginger. It is quite effective for colds and is full of natural vitamins, so one can feel healthy just by drinking the beverage. The café has a garden decorated with traditional earthenware pots and stone fences topped with tiles, allowing one to enjoy a charming view along with the dessserts. The cafe also hosts one-day classes, such as bojagi (square clothes made to be wrapped around items for transportation) making.
Representative menu Grilled saekdong injeolmi (bean-powder-coated rice cake) Handling menu Coffee, traditional tea, traditional dessert (rice cakes)
Opening Wednesday-Monday 11:00-20:00 Holiday Tuesdays
Seats Parking Not available
Scale Discount
Question +82-54-777-4421 Reservation
Kids playroom 0 No smoking
Credit card Packing
Opening day Permit date
Address 16-1 , Sonhyoja-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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